At Yummy United, kids are boss!
How to get on the Kids Board of Yummy United
Any child aged 8 to 12 who lives in Russia is eligible to run for the Kids Board of Directors of a real international company!
Take part and win one of  our competitions
Receive a  personal invitation to  the  selection process and confirm acceptance
Take part in an  online creative session and  complete the  creative assignment
Pass the  selection process and join the  Kids Board of  Directors
The online selection process involves a  series of  creative sessions where candidates work on  exciting creative assignments.
The next selection of candidates for the Kids Board of Yummy United will take place in October 2021. Take part in our competitions to increase your chances of making the selection!
The Kids Board meets every week online and offline. Directors can attend the  meetings remotely. To  that end, each Director gets a  personal tablet to use in  their communications with the  company and the  other kids on  the  Board.
Be part of our competitions and win! Earn your chance to be on the next Kids Board of Directors of Yummy United!
Befriend a robot
Bring the inhabitants of a distant planet together
Create your own comic strip
Just be amazing
Сейчас компанией Yummy United рулит третий Детский Совет директоров, который вступил в свои полномочия 13 февраля 2021 года.

В Совет вошли 40 детей из 28 городов России. Именно они сейчас принимают активное участие в жизни компании. Право пройти отбор в Детский Совет директоров получили более 900 детей. Третий Детский Совет директоров компании Yummy United в России был сформирован по итогам отборочных сессий, в которых приняли участие 230 победителей и участников различных конкурсов, организованных Yummy United.
Действующий Детский Совет директоров
Смена Детского Совета директоров