Yummy United is an international company that makes food products for children. It was created by the founder of the  Mildberry branding agency Oleg Beriev together with Roman Glebov, an  expert in  food production technologies, in  2019. It was first introduced to the  world in  Italy at the  TuttoFood Milano Exhibition on 6  May 2019.

It is based on a  unique business model that allows children to  actively participate in  the life of the  company and to  influence the  creation and promotion of children's food products. Yummy United has a  permanent and regularly re-elected Kids Board of Directors made up of  children between 8 and 12. While playing the  roles of directors, kids propose ideas for products, flavours, designs and communications, hold discussions with adult experts and approve the  solutions that the  company introduces into production.

The first Yummy United Kids Board of Directors gathered in  Italy in the  spring of 2019. That was also when the company introduced its first product, chocolate glazed quark bars, unique for the  Italian market.
In November 2019, Yummy United announced that it was entering the  Russian market. The  first Russian Kids Board of Directors was formed and introduced on 10  February 2020. It was made up of  40 children from 18 Russian cities. The second Board was elected in  September 2020 and included children from  26 cities. The  Russian Board has later been re-elected for the  third time and is now made up of  40 children from  28 Russian cities and towns.

Yummy United is developing a  multicategory product portfolio in the  Russian market. The first products based on the  ideas of the  first Board were delivered to the  retail chain Magnit in  June 2020. The range consisted of 15  SKUs in  five product categories: chocolate glazed quark bars, milkshakes, natural juices, breakfast cereals and breakfast milk. In December 2020, the  company's entire product portfolio was relaunched in a  new design approved by  the  second Kids Board of Directors. New SKUs were also added. Products under the  Yummy United brand are  currently available in 16,000 retail outlets all over Russia. Our portfolio includes 18 SKUs. Yummy United is actively expanding its  list of  retail partners and plans to  become a  federal brand by  the  third quarter of  2021.
Yummy United in Russia
Yummy United is always open to  partnerships and is  ready to support projects aimed at  creating unique experiences and conditions for  implementing children's initiatives that can change the  world around us. Yummy United believes that in  every child there is  a  strong and creative personality. Our mission is  to  help children to  manifest it  while preserving everything that makes them creative, inquisitive, sincere and able to  dream. Yummy United is  not just a  company run by children and making products based on  children's ideas. It also unites many partnerships in various areas under a  single brand, goal and mission.

In October 2020, Yummy United and the  Skolkovo Foundation launched a  federal contest of  children's ideas that could change the world around us, called Think Big. Start Small. The project aims to  find and implement children's ideas that can improve the  lives of people in a  particular place. Over 300 applications from 108  Russian cities and towns have been submitted in  total. The idea of  the winning team will be brought to  life and presented in October 2021 at  the Open Innovations Forum.

In February 2021, the  company signed a  cooperation agreement with the  Agency for  Strategic Initiatives aimed at  attracting children aged between 8  and  12 to various events in  the field of  personal growth and self-development. The agreement involves the  organisation of  joint events for  this age group, informational interaction and the  exchange of  analytical data.
Partner projects